In a world of same old, same old, we decided to design and create jewelry that is different, better and like nothing you’ve seen before. Quite the claim, right? Well, it’s true.Allow me to take a quick moment and let you know what makes AMOUR JNCY so special! 


I'm taking timeless and classic, and giving it a modern and youthful vibe while still staying true to the designs that have stood the test of time. An AMOUR JNCY piece of jewelry will last for decades not just because of its quality, but because of its style.


My designs are different from every other jewelry store because I'm not just a jewelers. I'm an explorer, adventurer, traveler, creator, daughter, friend and more! And as such, my designs are inspired by the world around us. Art, travel, nature, beautiful colors, our communities, the events I attend. Each piece of my life and yours is captured in our designs.


As much as I love jewelry, the last thing we want is for my happiness to come at the expense of others. That’s why my diamonds and materials are ethically sourced, and I ensure everything throughout the entire process from sourcing materials to the final sale leaves a positive impact on the world around us.